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Helping you live your most authentic life. 

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Bronwyn Bickle, Counsellor, ethical non monogamy and chronic illness


Hi, I'm Bronwyn, and I strive to create a safe and calm environment that allows you to receive the support you deserve throughout therapy. Offering both online and in-person (Mt Barker, SA) appointments, I specializes in ethical non-monogamy counselling and counselling for chronic illness. 
I welcome all individuals into my neurodiversity affirming practice, inclusive of the LGBTQI+ community. 

The Beginner's Guide
to Ethical Non Monogamy

Ever wondered why people enter into polyamorous relationships? Maybe you want to know where to start in opening up your relationship. Or perhaps you're reconsidering your whole view on relationship structures. 

In this book I walk you through the ins and outs of ethical non-monogamy. Easy to read, informative and concise, you can purchase my book as either a hard copy or an ebook. 

The Beginners Guide to Ethical Non Monogamy

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